Counseling for teenagers

About Our Counseling Services for Teenagers

Teenage years can be some of the hardest years of a one's life.  Teenagers are growing in so many different ways during this developmental stage.  They are learning about who they are, what they like, and who they want to be.  They are starting to develop stronger opinions and see life for what it is through their own eyes instead of their parents.  They have more responsibilities and face pressure about making choices about their careers and college.  They are in an in-between stage of childhood and adulthood, which can be very confusing and awkward at times.   

Many teenagers have symptoms of anxiety and depression and are not exactly sure how to handle those feelings.  Sometimes they are not equip with strong self-insight to know what is really going on or coping skills to handle what is going on.  At times, this is was can cause a downward spiral in their lives.  As a parent, you may notice your teenager "not acting like themselves" anymore.  They may be withdrawing from some of their activities, seem to be more irritable, and sometimes appear to be completely overwhelmed.

At Anew Counseling Services, all of our clinicians have extensive experience working with teenagers.  All of our clinicians work in middle school and high school settings during the day in addition to seeing teenagers in our office.  It is imperative to find a perfect match for your teenage child in counseling so they begin counseling with a positive experience and feel hopeful that meaningful changes can be made in their life.  We offer free phone consultations to speak to both parents and teenagers to ensure you are comfortable with us and know that you are making the best choice for your teenager.

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Teenagers are faced with many difficult situations during this time of their life that can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression.  If you feel that your teenager may be experiencing these symptoms you can learn more about counseling and how it can help.  Take the time to learn about our practice and clinicians experienced working with teenagers.